Isabella moments

Pablo and Isabella were hanging out in our bedroom the other night and Isabella decided to draw with a crayon on the light bulb of the lit lamp on Pablo's nightstand. The light bulb started to smoke. Pablo told Isabella that she can't colour on the light bulb because it could start a fire. (Coincidentally, Isabella's favourite show these days is 'Fireman Sam'.)

Isabella's response was, "That's okay. If it starts a fire, first thing we do is run outside to safety, then call Fireman Sam and he will come and put out the fire, then we can go back inside. So it's okay..."

She seemed okay at the time but last night I made the mistake of attempting to leave her in my room while I changed Simon in his room. Supposedly now she is scared of all lit lamps and doesn't like to be left alone in a room with a lit lamp...who knew?!?!?!?!?

This afternoon Isabella asked if I could take the skin off her muffin.

Almost as good as her asking me to take the crust off her apple...

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