Family Update

I titled it 'family' because Pablo isn't the only one with issues...

For the past three days, Isabella has barely eaten anything and when she does eat, she ends up vomiting an hour or two after eating. She seemed real quiet and whiny today and refused to eat so we made an appointment for her with 'the doctor' (in quotes because she is also the one treating Pablo).

Our day started really early this morning with Pablo's ultrasound appointment at the hospital at 7:45. We thought he was getting results from the ultrasound he had done last week but we were wrong. They ended up redoing the ultrasound. They wouldn't give Pablo the results right there but a technician and two doctors 'thought they saw something'. So more waiting.

We went from the hospital to pick up Isabella at my parents' place and took her to her appointment. Turns out she has a virus (possibly 'fifth disease') and if she doesn't get any better then she can't be around my pregnant sister which means no family Easter dinner for us.

After Isabella was looked at, Pablo asked the doctor if she had gotten his ultrasound results from this morning and she hadn't. I randomly blurted out "Well what about Lyme disease?" (see previous posts' comment from Sarah). After reading up on Lyme disease from the site that Sarah left in her comment (thank you Sarah!), it totally matched what has been going on with Pablo - including talk of multiple sclerosis. The doctor wrote up a requisition for bloodwork to test for Lyme disease and we went to get that done after leaving the doctor's office.

No word on when the CAT scan and MRI will be done but we're hopeful that it will take place some time tomorrow.

Right now, Pablo and Isabella are napping together and healthy Simon and I are playing in the basement - actually, I'm blogging and Simon is sitting amongst a pile of books trying to find a picture of a truck.

I'm exhausted (mostly because I slept next to Isabella last night in case she had to puke and anytime she would move I'd think it was coming but luckily it was a puke-free night).

Keep the healthy thoughts and prayers coming this way!!! Many thanks!!!

(UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: The doctor just called and it looks like Pablo will be spending the day at the hospital again tomorrow being looked at by an infectious disease specialist. Oh the fun we will have...  Also, Pablo is having issues with his upper left leg today and if it spreads down as far as his foot, he is to proceed to the nearest hospital, which these days is like our second home... )


  1. hi julia, sending healing thoughts for wee isabella too.. don't forget to look after you too, i hope you manage to get a good nights rest.. hugs to you. sue xxxx

  2. How scary. Hang in there and I'm still sending good thoughts and prayers your family's way. Try and get some rest.

  3. Sue and Collette - I can always count on you two for your kind words. You're both awesome and I thank you for all your support. I just got Simon to sleep and now it's time for Isabella and I to hit the hay...

  4. I came across your blog thru desire to inspire.. and I just had to say that you should win a 'mom/wife of the century' award.



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