GRAPHIC CONTENT! Brain tumour incision!

Here is a shot of Pablo's head right after the tape was peeled off the incision about an hour ago. I'm glad I wasn't there to see it in person. This is 68 hours after surgery. (His nurse cleaned it up a bit after this photo was taken).


  1. Ouch! That looks quite painful, he is such a trooper! It kind of looks like a question mark!

  2. That is quite impressive! I hope he continues you heal well and you get great news soon.

  3. Wow, it's much bigger than I imagined. I hope he's feeling less pain today.

  4. He is doing far better today than the last two days although getting the tape ripped off that sucker of an incision was not a pleasant experience. And that is a whole lot of staples that are going to need to come out too...YIKES!

  5. WOW!! Big incision!!

    My ex-husband and my son were/are both barbers. That's a good place to put the incision. It follows the hairline well. He's not gonna have a great hulking scar.

    My hands are just tingling to do Therapeutic Touch. I hope you could feel my hands wanting to heal:


    My son got hit in the head with a 7-pound rock when he was about 7 years old. He and his best friend were playing 'war'. I thought I was gonna pass out when I saw him. Of course, his 'best' friend had helped the whole image-thing along by hosing him down outside before he came into the house ... yuck.

    He looks good, Julia.

    Now you guys can start getting your lives back to 'normal'.

    Didn't know you guys were "kitty people". I knew there was more to the reason why I liked you guys so much ... in addition to your cute kids, that is :smile:

    Hugs (and healing thoughts).


  6. Wow. It's a lot more real when you see it. You're all so brave and inspiring

  7. Mine's bigger but size isn't everything. Looks like an Oligodendroglioma Left frontal lobe.
    Just celebrated 11 yrs of life post surgery.

  8. It's fascinating in a totally creepy sort of way. It's amazing the stuff they can do.

  9. Fascinating for sure. It was a damn big tumour so maybe that's why the incision was so big? I don't know. He definitely draws attention when we go for little strolls through the hospital.

    Jeff, there's bigger? HOLY CRAP! Congrats on the 11 years.

    Barb, I agree that he looked good when this was taken. Today, a bit different story.

    Thanks Tanya.

  10. So that's what staples in a head look like, eh? I had only seven after our accident in December, but no one thought to take pictures so I could see what it looked like. I just know everyone else winced when they saw it. (My hubby says mine were spaced out 'cause the wound was uneven/jagged.) And it was only seven. But hey--having them removed is easier than stitches. (At least, that's what the ER doc told me...)

  11. That's the same scar my two year old has.

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