Scary phone call

Pablo called me at 11:15 last night. He was really upset because he was having problems speaking and his right side had gone numb. He was waiting for the nurses to take him for a CT scan. We said goodbye and he called me back at 3am. His speech was back to normal. After I had spoken to him the first time, he ended up having a seizure. One of the neurosurgeons went to see him a little while ago and he told Pablo that if a patient has a seizure 3-5 days after surgery, there is a good chance that that won't be the last seizure.

Pablo's plan yesterday was to come home early this afternoon. He still wants to go ahead with that plan but we'll have to wait and see this morning...


  1. The speech thing must have been really scary! How much does the swelling interfer with the true state of things if you know what I mean, does the swelling effect things like seizures due to pressure etc? Will they do an EEG to look at seizures before he comes home?

  2. Oh how scary. I'm happy his speech returned and my prayers are with you guys.

  3. I know you're scared, ((((((Julia)))))).

    Don't let the doctors turn 'possibilities' into 'realities' in your lives.

    'Theoldboathouse' made a very good point ... there's still after-effects going on from the surgery that affects 'now', but, won't affect 'later'.


    Hang on tight, Julia, and believe in the future that you want with Pablo. People have had brain surgery and have gone on to NOT have seizures afterwards, too. There are two sides to every coin.

    I'm praying for Pablo: no more pain, no more seizures, no more after-effects from the surgery, no more fear. AND home to your arms ASAP.

    BIG HUGS (and healing prayers for all of you).


  4. Oh, that's scary. I'm praying for him, and you.

  5. Aren't speech problems kind of typical yet mostly temporary? That's the explanation I'm going with.

    I hope he gets to come home tomorrow. Hugs!

  6. hi hun, i agree with Barb about not letting the docs turn the possibilities into realities for you.. try to remain positive.. sending positive healing thoughts ~ hugs xxxx

  7. Hi. I came upon your blog around the same time Pablo got sick. My mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor in September. It was so easy to be afraid and go to the bad place, but we decided to expect the absolute best possible outcome and it didn't happen - her outcome was even BETTER than we had even dared to hope. Just know that God loves you and continue to expect everything to be fine. It can happen. I am praying for you.

  8. I just went back & read all of your entries about this... you're so strong. I hope things start to look up soon & Pablo is going to be okay.

  9. It was a day filled with a billion questions by a bunch of neurosurgeons and everyone left scratching their heads. FANTASTIC.

    Thanks for sharing about your mom, TBC. Good things can happen.



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