Simon - 17 month update

Last week, Simon had a checkup at the doctor’s.

Here are his stats at 17 months:
                Weight: 31 lbs
                Height: 85.5 cm (33.6 inches)

He had to get some vaccines and ONCE AGAIN, didn’t even flinch. He amazes me.

And now some Simon facts:

Simon has been wearing size 6 diapers for about 2 months now. Crazy. Hard to believe that a kid can go from size 1 to size 6 diapers in 15 months (he never did fit into newborn diapers - just like his sister)…

In the last month or so, Simon went from having two naps a day to only one. I was hoping that this would help him sleep through the WHOLE night and it seems to have worked somewhat. If he does wake up in the night it is only once and I can usually just lay him back down, cover him up and leave the room. Also, his morning wake-up time has gone from 6am to anywhere from 6:30 - 7:30.

Simon is very independent and Isabella often drives him nuts because she'll want to play with him and hold his hand and he just wants to be by himself. The other day he was pulling all the books off the bookshelf in the basement and I was telling him no. He kept doing it and I kept saying no and putting them back. This was annoying him so he grabbed a book, walked over to the nearest chair, sat down and started flipping through the book. Mr. Independent.

The boy is so darn clever too...he was at my parents' place and was playing in my mom's pot drawer. He took a pot out of the drawer, put it back and tried to close the drawer, but the handle was sticking out. Without hesitating, he opened the drawer and turned the pot so that the handle was inside the drawer and the drawer could close properly.

Simon has a thing for pancakes – actually, crepes. I make them quite a bit for the kids and my mom too. The other day he ate 6 of them for breakfast. I also recently found out that he quite enjoys caramel popcorn and ice cream sandwiches. He has a thing for broccoli (YES!).

Simon still doesn’t really talk besides VROOM VROOM when he sees anything with wheels and DADA when he sees Pablo. He is a pro babbler although I just wish I could understand the babbling sometimes…

Love ya Simon, my goofy nut (the proof is in the photos below)!!!


  1. Thanks Sue! Shoot - I really should have cleaned his mouth before taking these photos...OH WELL!



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