They are starving my husband...

The surgeons/doctors/THOSE WITH ALL THE POWER never confirmed with Pablo's nurses that he isn't having surgery today. Because of this, he's been fasting since midnight last night and it is now 5:30 6pm. He's feeling nauseous and I figure IT'S BECAUSE THEY ARE STARVING MY HUSBAND!!!!!!!!!!!!

Due to the lack of energy FROM BEING STARVED TO DEATH, he has spent most of the day sleeping.


The surgeon just spoke with Pablo and she'll let him know tomorrow morning if she thinks the surgery will be on Monday. Monday could change depending on what emergencies and surgeries happen on the weekend. I hope the hospital saved him some dinner. He can't go home today like we thought but the surgeon might see about getting him a couple of day passes for the weekend. Oh, and the reason the surgery didn't happen today was because there were more severe surgeries than his. I'll take the surgeon's word for it although I'd really like to know what could possibly more serious than my husband's rare brain tumor...............


  1. Oh, damn straight, Julia :mad:

    FACKINSANAMABEECH!!!!!!!!!! times *TWO*!!

    Talk with the ombudsman at the hospital ... tell him/her you want a *very brief* sit-down with everyone involved in your husband's care. This kind of lack-of-communication *CANNOT* / *WILL NOT* continue. It takes an instant to check and see whether surgery is still planned ... especially since they knew there was already a question about that. (That's why G-d invented the telephone.)

    Oh, crap!! I wish I was closer, I'd smuggle in a meal for Pable. I'm not a "fantastic" cook, but, my meatloaf and baked potato is good.

    Hang on tight, honey. But, don't let stupidity and lack of competent procedures interfere with Pablo getting the best treatment that he can. The nurses are always good. And the doctors are needed. They just need to learn to talk to each. Sorry they're learning on your hubby.



    PS, OMG, Julia, you should have seen the word verification for posting ... Apers ... how appropriate :lmao:!!

  2. Oh man. Big sigh. Hang in there.



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