Update to my last update

At around dinnertime we went to see the doctor to pick up the paperwork that Pablo needed to give to the infectious disease specialist that he'll be seeing tomorrow. At some point today, Pablo's doctor typed up a 3 pager, single spaced that was part of the paperwork. She is absolutely amazing.

She also received the ultrasound results. The doctor's that did the ultrasound also want Pablo to have an MRI because of what they found. He has a mass near his gallbladder and another near his liver. The MRI would be able to get a closer look at these masses. Due to the Easter weekend, it looks like the MRI and the CAT scan will probably happen on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

I also have an Isabella update. Late this afternoon Isabella had a whole string of really good poops and as soon as the last one was done, she was 100% back to the old Isabella. No more red cheeks, no more vomiting and no more complaining of tummy aches. She was bouncing off the freaking walls - making up for lost time. Unbelievable. I pray now she keeps down the pizza that she DEMANDED that she have for dinner.

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