I'm back at work full-time (it's been a couple weeks now) since Pablo is on his 4th week of not working due to his undiagnosed illness.

Pablo needs to have another minor surgery (like the one he had back in January). It's scheduled for this coming Monday. Unrelated to undiagnosed illness.

Pablo had an appointment at the hospital yesterday. Actually two - at different hospitals. At the first appointment, the doctor confirmed that he needs an MRI. OLD NEWS. And he still doesn't have an appointment for one yet The call just came - it is scheduled for Monday at midnight. AWESOME TIME. JUST AWESOME.

He got to his second appointment at the hospital that now knows him well and they told him he didn't have an appointment. This is the second time this has happened. Due to the ridiculously deplorable service that he's gotten at this certain hospital EVERY TIME he's been there (WHICH WE ALL KNOW IS ALOT), he told them that they had better FIND his appointment because he wasn't leaving till the doctor saw him...

I feel like CRAP. I can't stop coughing and I'm really stuffed up. I was at work yesterday (stupid me, should have stayed home and I'm sure my co-workers were just thrilled with my germs) and I got up from my desk to get my lunch. I turned the corner towards the kitchen and started coughing up a lung right at the same time that this woman was also coming around the corner towards me. I ended up practically running into her and coughed in her face. I had covered my mouth but still...

Kids are slowly starting to eat again and bugging each other like old times.


  1. Oh man. I'm so sorry. I hope it gets better. And SOON.

  2. Soon would be nice Collette. Thanks for the support!



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