Family photos

We've been taking a ton of family photos in the last few weeks and I'd like to add more to different rooms in our house. I needed some inspiration and found these photos of family photos on display:


  1. Oh this is motivation to get frames :). Thank you!

  2. These are great and quite timely. We're in the process of having many, many rooms repainted (among other work). Which means all the photos come off the wall and hopefully, new ones will go up. We have a huge portrait of Gabe but not a lot of photos up. Good inspiration! Thanks!

  3. I am always on the hunt for frames. I usually need some for all the art I buy on Etsy and for all the family photos I've been hanging.

    I would love to get a huge portrait done and hung for each of the kids and Pablo too...hmmmm. I think I just found my next project...thanks Collette!

  4. Such a fantastic round-up. I've actually saved a number of these images for inspiration in the past and did so because of the beautiful interiors, without even noticing the fantastic family photos. I love seeing them through a different "lens." The super-sized images of the kidlings are my favorite.

  5. I loved the super-sized photos too. At some point I've got to get some big ones done of my 2 kids....need to clear some wall space first.



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