More weekend update

Pablo wanted to see the kids today so I took them to the hospital after lunch. Isabella didn't even acknowledge Pablo's incision and the staples. Thank goodness. We ended up walking around alot while we were there since it was the only way Simon would stay in his stroller. Turns out that it was too much walking for Pablo because he almost passed out on his way back to his room after we left and he had to be brought back on a stretcher. Now he feels crappy like he did Thursday night right before the mini-stroke.

I'm hoping if he rests, he'll get his strength back and PLEASE no more mini-strokes.


  1. ((((((Julia+Isabella+Simon+Pablo)))))),

    Adding my prayers for no more mini-strokes AND no pain AND no tiredness ... balance and love and health.

    Hang on tight guys (BIG HUGS) ... you've been through a lot.


  2. No more mini-strokes and just a bit of pain and tiredness.

    Thanks for all your prayers Barb!



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