The most photogenic kid on the planet

Simon is so much fun to photograph. He sees the camera and he gives you all sorts of different looks and almost every picture turns out perfect. We spent most of Sunday at my parents' place, where almost all these photos were taken.

Simon was loving having bubbles blown his way...

One of Simon's favourite things is to be pushed around the yard in this little red car...

Some great shots of Pablo and Simon...

This photo is of Simon's hair before I got his bangs cut - about a week ago. His bangs kept going in his eyes so I used a clip to pin them...

I finally got his bangs trimmed. He still needs the rest cut - it's SOOOOO thick.

This shot was taken on Mother's Day at my sister Jen's place. It's Simon and his uncle Jeff (who I was told is very jealous of Simon's hair...)


  1. Your Simon is so indescribable sweet! Your kids are both indescribable sweet!

    Best wishes for you and your family!


  2. Thank you ladies, I blame my wife for both their cuteness, and sweetness ;)

  3. Those are great photos! It almost looks like he's trying to eat the bubbles. Not that my kid would do that, no sirree, no personal experience with that one. ;-)

  4. LOL!!! What kid doesn't try to eat the damn bubbles!?!?!?



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