Ridin' horses

My two cousins, Cristina and Ashley, each have their own horse, Cherokee and Kahlua. Pablo and I took Isabella and Simon to the barn today to see the horses and they both got to ride. They couldn't have been happier.

This is Cherokee:

And this is Kahlua:

Simon was in awe:

The look on his face when he got on the horse was priceless. He was mesmerized...

Isabella was in love...

And here are Cristina, Ashley and a friend going for a ride.


  1. Hello Cherokee you remind me of another lovely horse called flicka that briefly passed through my house on the way to his new house at the lovely Jo at desire to inspire...Flicka is a wooden horse though if her were to come alive like Pinnocio I think he would be very Cherokee looking...what a fun day...great pics, cheers Katherine

  2. I remember Flicka! - she was gorgeous and I was so very jealous of Jo!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful horses. They look exotic to me, not the kind of horses we have in Sweden.

  4. They were very stunning horses. I know nothing about horses so I can't say how 'exotic' they were although most of the other horses at the barn were solid coloured...

  5. Your cousins horses are very beautiful seems like your cousins are fond of horses I have a friend in Top SEO company who is also fond of horses, he has a huge collection of horses in his farm.



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