My turn at the doctors

Back when I was pregnant with Simon I had a pap test and the results came back that some abnormal cells were found. I found this out when I was around 7 months pregnant. Not what I wanted to hear while pregnant - especially since my mom had uterine cancer when she was my age. There was nothing that could be done to treat my abnormal cells till after I gave birth. A few months after having Simon, I went to the hospital to have a procedure done to remove the abnormal cervical cells - Leep Treatment (I was given this pamphlet). The procedure was REALLY unpleasant. I had to go back to the hospital 6 months after the treatment to check that all abnormal cells were gone and they were and I had to go again 6 months after that appointment and that appointment was last week. It went well again except the doctor did a quick biopsy of something she saw but she said it was probably nothing. If I don't hear anything from the hospital then everything is fine and I don't have to go back.

That was appointment #1 for me. Appointment #2 was today. About one month ago I developed this weird red oval patch on my neck - very itchy. Then, last week, I had what looked like a ton of mosquito bites on my upper body. Odd since I haven't really seen any mosquitos... The spots have been spreading down to my legs and some of the skin on some of the 'bites' were turning rough. Because I figured at this point that this was not bug bites, I went to visit our family doctor who brought out a book with some nice photos of someone with an ovular path that looked like the one on my neck and a ton of little red bumps. I was only slightly happy to find out that this had a name (Pityriasis Rosea) and then depressed to hear that there is nothing to take to cure it and it lasts weeks (sometimes months). Weeks of insane itching. It isn't contagious THANK GOODNESS. The doctor asked me when my sister was getting married (all of my family have her for a doctor so she knows all) and I said July 24th and then she asked me what I had planned to wear to the wedding. I laughed and said that I hadn't bought anything yet but I'll obviously have to get something that covers more skin than what I would have probably bought...crap. She prescribed me an antihistamine that I'll take before bed to help relieve the itching at night. I hope the spots stay nice and small like they are now since they aren't all that noticeable...

Enough about me...Pablo has a consultation with an oncologist this Friday...stay tuned.


  1. If you take that antihistamine before bed I'm betting you'll get a good 6 hours of sleep. Pass out city. No itching but you'll be drooling. ;-)

    I will stay tuned and with my fingers crossed.

  2. Sounds lovely. You guys are a mess health-wise.

  3. I totally forgot to go to the damn drugstore today - and we live right across the street from one! I'm excited at the thought of sleeping better...

    Kim - for a comment like that, it's a good thing we're related. LOL!



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