Today's little 'procedure'

Took Pablo to the doctor again this morning to get the lump/cyst/thingy on his thigh drained. I got to watch too. Good times. The doctor froze his leg twice - actually she jabbed the needle right into the lumpy thing twice and Pablo just about started crying. Poor thing. I watched.

Once the area was good and frozen, the doctor made an incision about 1cm in length and squeezed. I won't give details, but I could, because I watched. I found it interesting for some reason. Then after draining was as complete as it was going to get, she shoved a long string of gauze into the hole, covered the hole with gauze and put a giant piece of tape over the whole thing. Then she told Pablo that he probably should have shaved that whole area because pulling off the tape is going to pull a whole lot of hair with it and it'll hurt like a bitch. (Those are my words, not hers although she was trying not to laugh as she said this).

Pablo has to go back to see her tomorrow so she can re-stuff the hole. I said I could do it at home if she wanted but she thought that she should do it at least the next time or two. Ruin my fun.

This means that we'll have had doctors appointments EVERY DAY THIS WEEK. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for this damn lumpy thing, Thursday to talk about brain tumour healing progress and a VERY LONG 4 hour pre-op appointment at the hospital on Friday. I am real tired just writing this.

Stay tuned...I'm going to get a post ready right now with some pretty photos of flowers (in case I grossed any of you out). :)


  1. Oh man. You didn't gross me out but you're braver than me to offer to "re-stuff the hole". Although I am perhaps a 12 year old boy because that phrase did indeed make me giggle. I'm not proud but that's how it is. ;-)

  2. If me re-stuffing the hole means that many less visits to the doctor then I'll take one for the team FOR SURE! LOL!



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