Work on the caravan

Yesterday ended up being the perfect day to work on the caravan. It wasn't too hot and humid, and it was mainly cloudy (so I didn't feel too bad about missing swim and tan time by the pool). I scrubbed the inside of the caravan with Lysol disinfectant spray and hot water. This was exhausting. I was surprised how clean' the caravan was. I was expecting to use MANY buckets of water to get the caravan clean but it only took two. I think the previous owners cleaned it before they sold it to my parents. I thank them ALOT.

We picked up a can of Benjamin Moore - Cloud White with a pearl finish and I began the ridiculously long job of painting the entire inside of the caravan. All the walls and ceiling were covered in cheezy wood panelling - beadboard. HIDEOUS. With faux wood grain...horrible stuff. I have to say that even after one coat of paint, the caravan was looking amazing. I only managed to do one coat on about 85% of the inside before I called it quits for the day. It's going to look amazing with at least two coats - no more wood grain!

Next task is to figure out what to cover the floor with...

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