Another surgery tomorrow...

Pablo's next surgery is tomorrow. At least this one is a No-Brainer! (quoted from Pablo)

This is to hopefully fix once and for all his Lichens Sclerosis issue. Pablo has been unable to stand to pee for about five years (he can't pee straight - it goes everywhere). He's already had three surgeries to try to correct the problem but to no avail. This surgery is way more intense and complicated than the other three surgeries. To sum it up, this is the last effort to fix the problem.


The surgery will take 3.5 hours. The surgeon will start by removing the skin from the inside of Pablo's cheeks (of the face, not bum). Next, they will make an incision from the head of the penis all the way down to the base. Then they open it and remove all the skin down the urethra, replacing it by grafting the skin removed from his cheeks. The surgeon will pack the area with gauze and sew it back up. On Monday, the surgeon will remove the stitches and take out the packing and stitch him back up again.

Pablo will be hospitalized till Monday and he will have to have a catheter for two weeks.There is a high risk of infection with this surgery.

To most, this is a pretty serious and grotesque surgery. (Pablo told me to add 'grotesque'). But since recently having a brain tumour removed, this is close to being a walk in the park. Pablo also wants me to add that "as far as 'head to head' battles go - this should be the easier one". Yup, he still has his sense of humour through all this crap.

Wish us luck...


  1. Hi Julia,
    I've been following your great, inspiring and touching blog since a few months. It is such an inspiration to read about your beautiful family! I will keep my fingers crossed for you today (here, in Poland, it is already Wednesday:). I'm sure everything will come to a happy end and you are very brave fighters!

    All the best from Warsaw!


  2. Lots of good luck to you guys from all the way from Portugal.


  3. Snort. Head to head. That's the kind of shit I'd say! (Of course, I do often refer to myself as a 13 year old boy, so there it is!)

  4. I liked the 'snort'...made me giggle. This is Pablo's daily sense of humour so I'm pretty used to it by now.

    Thanks Marysia and L!



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