When you know your son needs a haircut...

I came home from work today to find my daughter son looking like this:

Pablo took this with his phone - hence the crappy quality.


  1. Too cute!! Keep it long I say...its curly so easy to do some dred locks or maybe add some gel for a punk mohawk...haha, cheers Katherine

  2. Oh, Julia, he's precious!!

    Don't know what we're going to do with that husband of yours ... he could have been more subtle :LOL:

    I can't believe how much alike your kids look. My baby brother and I used to look like twins (same face; different haircut :snicker" )!!

    So ... are you cutting it yourself or are your hauling him to the barber. My husband was a barber. He was really good with kids.



  3. When my little brother was about Simon's age, I dressed him up as a girl for Halloween. He had such sweet curly hair--he really looked like a beautiful little girl. I remember I borrowed red mary janes for him and everything. People would give me extra candy "for your little sister in the wagon".

    When I tried to explain (I was 9 years older) that it was my little brother and it was his costume, you should've seen the looks--from aghast to disgust. Right in the middle of the bible belt--none of that gender bending for them! Still makes me laugh.

  4. Katherine - my sister Kim requested that I cut his hair mohawk style for her wedding but Pablo refuses...

    Barb - I gotta get both the kids hair cut before my sister's wedding next saturday. My next door neighbour owns a salon just down the street from us and she cuts all our hair. Big weekend hugs to you!

    Collette - that story is hilarious! I'm waiting for the day that Isabella starts dressing up Simon in some of her dresses. I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet...

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