Caravan progress and purchases

The caravan is coming along quite nicely. The painting of the inside is pretty much done. The only painting that is left is inside the cupboards. Kim is going to see what paint she has in her basement and we'll just use something she has (to save $).

Here is a photo of the inside BEFORE painting:

And some AFTER photos:

(Kim could have asked me to move my behind out of this shot...)

I found some wood looking peel and stick vinyl tiles at Lowe's for the floor (yet to be installed):

I also found more pillows too for the seating area/upper bunk:


  1. You've made such leaps with this. Congratulations. I'm loving the daffodil pillow case - my favourite flowers!

  2. Thanks kimma! I'm so glad I found that daffodil pillow - it might even end up in Isabella's room it's so cute...

  3. Thanks Collette! I think it's going to be hard to give it up to the kids once we're done with it...LOL!

  4. This is looking amazing. What a wonderful project.



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