Kiddo update

It's been a rough few days around here lately...

I stayed home from work Wednesday and when Simon woke up from his nap I noticed he had a bit of a fever. He was especially quiet and just wanted to snuggle with me. I took them to the park and Simon wouldn't even get off my lap. In fact, he fell asleep in my lap amidst about 25 yelling kids. We got home and I attempted to feed Simon some dinner. One bite in and he threw up on his tray. I was pleased for the easy clean-up but dreaded the miserable night that was to come. Thankfully Simon didn't throw up again but he was miserable and was up often throughout the night. The next day he was more himself. He still had a slight fever but was able to keep food down.

Yesterday, Isabella had a fever early in the morning and soon after, complained of a sore throat. She doesn't want to eat much and is really whiny. I'm hoping this will pass REAL SOON.

After Simon's nap today, I brought the kids to the kitchen table to feed Simon lunch. When he was done I told Isabella that I was bringing Simon upstairs and I wanted her to follow me.

Isabella said, "He just woke up. What in the hell are you going to do with him? Oh....I'm not allowed to say that, am I?"

As usual, I had to turn away to laugh. It's good to see that even though she is sick and miserable, she still has her sense of humour.

And I almost forgot...Simon said 'Dora' really clearly today when he saw a Dora magnet on the fridge. Scary since he still really doesn't say anything...


  1. This is going to be a creepy comment since I have no clue who you are, but stumbled upon your blog through Kim's when my friend had a baby and I was helping her decorate the nursery. I became hooked after a few posting about Isabella and her ridiculous statements, and have followed you through all of the medical ups and downs, even crying for you at times. I just moved 2,000 miles away from home and started law school this week, and this posting just made me completely forget about all of the things going on right now. I love your kids and hope Isabella's comedic relief is as much a soft spot for you through life's difficulties as it is for me.

  2. I started this blog with the purpose of sharing Isabella's comic relief and my ever-growing stash of kids' rooms. It has definitely grown from there to encompass everything that is happening in our lives and it pleases me to no end that I get comments like yours Cassie. I'm so glad that Isabella has made you laugh and I'm sorry that some of this has made you cry.

    Writing about Pablo's brain tumour has been so therapeutic for me. I can't even begin to tell you how much the kids have helped us stay so positive and sane. I don't know how we would have handled 'all the bad' if we didn't have the kids...

    Thank you for taking the time to leave such a heartfelt comment Cassie! I wish you luck with the new move and law school - stay strong!

  3. What the hell you gonna do????? I freaking love it!

  4. Had to have the talk about how that won't be tolerated in the catholic school she's starting in a couple weeks...good times are a comin'! LOL!



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