Stuff they both said...

The other night, Isabella knew Pablo wasn't going to be home to put her to bed and when this happens, she always asks if she can sleep in our bed. I told Isabella that it was time to get ready for bed and she said,
"Mom, I think we need to have a little discussion..."

Isabella said to me tonight, "I want to cuddle with you because you're my mommy that cooks."

While I was making dinner tonight, the kids were sitting at the kitchen table watching a Dora video.
Dora said, "Say backpack! Say backpack!"
So Simon said, "Backpack!"
And I just about passed out.

(Keep in mind that Simon's vocabulary consists of MAYBE 5 words...)


  1. Isabella slays me.

    I told Gabe he needed to please pick up his toys. His response? Me no wanna pick up my toys thank you. Defiant yet polite. ;-)

    That Dora is a little seductress isn't she? Getting those boys to do her bidding. Although I don't think she limits herself to bossing just boys around. We're going to have to watch her. ;-)

  2. My 16-month old said backpack about a month ago... prior to that her only words were mamma, dadda, and dog. Sigh...

  3. Oh that lil' Gabe! That Dora worries me. We've been busting our butts to try to get Simon to talk and he watches 5 minutes of the little hussy and he's all 'Backpack' with a look of 'in your face mom!' I must admit that if she can get Simon to start talking more then I'm all for putting up with her but as soon as Simon's vocabulary is half decent, I'm putting a huge limit on Dora time!

    That's funny Terri because before 'backpack', mama, dada, dog and cat is all we could get out of Simon...BIG SIGH!



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