Bad day for Pablo

Late afternoon yesterday, Pablo started getting a really bad piercing headache. When he woke up this morning, it was still there. His radiation treatment was scheduled for 8:50 this morning. He called me at work at 9:20 to say that he was feeling really strange - disoriented and like he was about to black out. He hadn't had his treatment yet. The doctors wanted to find out what was wrong first. They drew a bunch of blood and told him to hang tight. I left work at noon to meet him at the hospital. The problem was that his brain had swelled so they increased his Decadron (anti-swelling med) to 4mg a day. He got another prescription for Oxycocet for the headache and the doctor said that if he still felt like crap tomorrow, they'll do a CT scan of his head to find out what area the swelling was coming from. We stayed at the hospital till 4 because they still wanted Pablo to have his radiation treatment. Unfortunately, his radiation machine broke down early in the morning and by 4, they said they still weren't sure when it would be up and running properly. We were exhausted and were happy to just go pick up the kids from my parents' and get home.

Now I'm making sloppy joes because it's quick and yummy and if I put it in a tortilla and call it a taco, Isabella will eat it.


  1. Oh geeze, I go away to the in-laws and look what happens! (Perfect excuse not to go to the inlaws, right????) I'm glad he was feeling better. And I'm going to have to remember the tortilla trick. It works pretty well for me when I serve Gabe breakfast burritos.

  2. I hadn't thought to try breakfast burritos! Awesome idea C!



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