Not too long ago, I was contacted by Caos Magazine - an online magazine based in Barcelona. They wanted to do a little feature on this blog. My little itty bitty blog. I was just thrilled! Even more thrilling was emailing the link to my sister Kim since she's CONSTANTLY emailing me publicity links of her blog. Thanks Barbara from Caos for the feature! (It's not in English but who the heck cares!)


  1. well-deserved recognition! congrats!

  2. Very cool. And it makes you more mysterious that it's in Spanish! I'm pretty sure you look sexier too. It's a romance language after all. ;-)

  3. That's fantastic, I LOVE your blog, it deserves loads of publicity!

  4. Very very cool....I wish I could say something in spanish...congratulations, cheers Katherine

  5. mmmmhh....Kim has'nt made any comment yet?!?!?!....I bet she is sooooooo jelous...hahahaha

    i love your blog and your family...and I dare to say that your housband is soo handsome!!!

    have a great weekend!!

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