Marine/sailor inspired kid's rooms

This post is a request from Kate who wanted to see marine/sailor inspired rooms. See what happens when you leave requests in the comments - I deliver!

Eric Roth
camilla fuchs
frank roop
house and home
hus & hem

jacinta preston

jeffers design group

jason hulfish
kids factory
mabley handler
marie claire maison
project nursery
robert passal

viva baby


  1. Gabe would figure out how to unhook that ship bed in the first picture and I'd walk in to it swinging so hard it'd be hitting the walls.

  2. It actually kinda scares me. And not just the unhooking and swinging (OMG I would die) but what if a kid decides to jump on their bed?!?!?! And then the whole ceiling comes crashing down!?!?!?!

  3. Yeah, we live in an old building too--plaster walls. That shit cracks if you even think about it. And Gabe's a bed jumper too. I'm sure he'd like that extra little touch of danger with the elevated bed.

  4. Thanks a lot!!! I managed to see it only today, coz I've been really busy (to busy for blogs ;)) for the past few days. Thank you, some of these photos are really great!

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