FANTASTIC Pablo update and kiddo update

Pablo FINALLY had his MRI this morning. It was supposed to take one hour but ended up lasting about 1.5 hours due to his spasms. He got results back that there is nothing wrong with his spine (sometimes his type of tumour affects the spine) and nothing else that they can see 'wrong'. From what they can tell from this MRI too, there is no tumour left. SUPER GIGANTIC YAY!!!! The doctors are overall very happy with what the MRI shows and if the doctors are happy then we are ecstatic!

The main concern that the doctors now have is to get the symptoms under control with proper medication/injections. They've now hinted that he might not be able to come home till early to mid next week. *Big sigh from me*

Pablo's doctors have noticed that his right side is slightly weaker than his left side due to the tumour being located on the left so he is starting physiotherapy today to strengthen the right side. And I just heard from Pablo and physio lasted about 5 minutes because he got physically sick. Better luck next time.

Simon is still sick and grumpy. Gonna try vapo rub on his feet tonight before bed. Never heard of this trick but if it is supposed to help him not cough while sleeping then I'm all for trying it out.

My mom picked up some vitamins for Isabella. I can't deal with the kids being sick every couple of weeks so here's to hoping this will help too.


  1. Hell freakin yeah!!! It's awesome to hear great news!

  2. Wonderful news.
    Hope the kids get to feeling better soon.
    You are such a strong lady!

  3. Oh, that's awesome freaking news! YAY!!!!!

  4. Thanks y'all! And his doctor today was saying that they most likely won't even have to do another MRI once the swelling goes down to check if they 'got everything'.

    And the kids are doing better Leigh - just runny noses now but their in much better spirits!



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