Back home

Pablo was finally released from the hospital on Friday. He promised his doctor that he would RELAX and NOT GET STRESSED. The next couple of weeks are crucial in his recovery. Pablo needs to relax because when he does too much he ends up getting sick and it is crucial that he keep down all the medication that he is taking. And speaking of medication, Pablo's doctor got him 'the drug card' and now each prescription costs us only $2. I am still pretty pissed that we didn't get this drug card before. It could have saved us hundreds of dollars. Pablo's doctor sent in a HUGE list of medication to our pharmacy on Friday. So huge that it took the pharmacist a full day to get it ready. Enough medication for 3-6 months (depending on how long he needs to take each).

Pablo's doctor wants him supervised for the next week or so. Due to the radiation and subsequent brain swelling, Pablo's been having bad dizzy spells and weakness. He's even supposed to sit while showering. 

Pablo will be seeing his doctor at the end of October to check his progress and maybe by then he'll be well enough (and off enough drugs) to start working again and life can be back to normal. I just realized that the end of October marks 7.5 months since all this started. That is a very long time....


  1. I'm glad he's home but sorry he's still getting dizzy spells. Even if he doesn't move off the couch though (and it sounds like that's just what should happen), it's gotta be nice to have him home.

    The drug card = Yay!!!

  2. I'm glad to hear you're all home together and hope he feels well and tries to relax, probably hard with 2 little munchkins ;-)

  3. It's so good to know that the end to all this is near. We're so damn excited!

  4. Oh my, you have been through so very much. I've been away for several weeks and have thought of you & your family often. I just caught up on all your posts and I am ecstatic to seem them end on a happy note. I hope all of you can get some rest now & do some things you love together :)

  5. Thanks for thinking of us Stacy. It's still going to take a bit of time for Pablo to have the energy it takes to wrangle two little ones but we're getting there. And we're all working on the rest part. My fav part of the day lately seems to be the second the kids go to bed and I can then try to get a good night's sleep.



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