Fun at the farm

This past holiday Thanksgiving Monday, Pablo, my parents and I took the kids to Proulx Farm. We all had a blast. There were mazes, a petting zoo, wagon rides, playgrounds, lots of pumpkins, etc. Of course I took a TON of photos...

it is really hard to get a good family photo when you have kids who don't like to sit still...
the boy and his momma

the boo and her momma

the boo and her daddy
the boo and I in the maze

Isabella led the way through the maze. This is her pondering which way to go.

Isabella leading the way of course

My mom pushing Simon through the maze
cutie pie Simon

Isabella and her daddy

Simon being gentle with daddy's scarred head

again trying to get a family photo

all of us on the wagon ride

Simon and daddy

Simon (who loves tractors) sat on the floor of the wagon during the ride for a front row seat of the tractor pulling it

the two cuties

popcorn lunch

Simon with his Nonno

Isabella with her Nonna

Simon and Nonna in the hay

Simon checking out the sheep

Simon's arm being eaten by a cow

Simon and Nonna trying to feed the incredibly hungry pig

Isabella bouncing


  1. I really like the Again trying to get a family picture and the strolling picture. But I'm the one who tends to like the crying baby pictures. I know, weird.

  2. Yup, you're weird Collette! LOL! But I think that's why we get along so well.

    I've always preferred natural photographs where the subjects aren't looking at the camera and posing. We gotta work on taking more of that kind...



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