Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada (today is a holiday) and for our family that means my mom's amazing turkey dinner (last night). We all ate way too much but you can't help yourself so typically we starve ourselves all day long so that we have plenty of room. Took a bunch of photos at my parents' place (and so did my sister so some of these were taken by her):

the bird, my mom and sisters

all the ladies in the kitchen including me with my new hair

the delicious dinner

the boo and the boy waiting for dinner

Simon was so hungry waiting for dinner that he grabbed a cracker, put it on his plate and attempted to eat it with a fork

Simon was so hungry waiting for dinner that he grabbed a cracker, put it on his plate and attempted to eat it with a fork

still waiting for dinner

'If you're not going to feed me then I'll drink lotsa apple juice'

Isabella eating her favourite - raspberries

Simon getting excited with my sister - Zia Jen and Zio Dave

Isabella practicing her smile - she has picture day at school soon. We have to practice more...


Isabella, Zia Jen and Zio Dave

Simon playing with Zio Jeff's iPhone

She's going to pop!!! (due in 9 days)

me and my new vibrant hair

Pablo (his shirt really matches the grass...)

my dad

the crew

me taking a picture of Kim taking a picture


  1. Okay, in no particular order...
    1. Isabella's smile scares me a little. Maybe that was the look she was going for. ;-0
    2. Cute hair!
    3. Jen really looks like the two of you as well. (Or maybe she'd say you guys look like her!)
    4. Adorable picture of Simon and Zio Jeff.
    5. Pablo DOES match the grass! Was he trying to blend in?
    6. The pensive picture of Isabella with Zia Jen and Zio Dave is really wonderful.
    7. At least Simon's trying to maintain manners even in difficult times without food. Feed that kid, would ya? It's obvious he's starving. ;-)
    8. I want turkey NOW!!!

  2. Thanks raena!

    Collette -
    1. We are in trouble on picture day.
    2. Thanks! I love it and it's festive...
    3. You think? I say that because Kim and I take after our dad and Jen takes after our mom.
    4. Kim took that pic. Those two played with his phone for quite awhile. It was hilarious and I was surprised that Simon sat still for that long.
    5. Pablo never blends in...he's too loud. LOL!
    6. Another nice one taken by Kim.
    7. Simon has become obsessed with cutlery. He can't eat anything without it. We sure do need to fatten him up!!! NOT!
    8. I love that our Thanksgiving is in October. And the turkey was FREAKING DELICIOUS! (Thanks Mom!)

  3. Ha! I love my step-by-step response--I feel very special. ;-)

  4. Oh, and yes, I do (#3). Take a look at her face when she's in the background with her husband and Isabella. Maybe it's just the look on her face.

  5. Now that I look at that photo closely of Jen, I do see it too.

  6. Hey kiddo, I glad you have a nice Thanksgiving! Adorable pictures!!! I understand that Pablo is on medications yet, right? I wish hime speedy recovery :-) I have my ups and downs as well, last news form the hospital was about my left arm - the bone didn't heal fully yet (in 10 month!!!). So the are suggesting another surgery. Well, will keep you posted! LOVE. EV

  7. Hey Ella! Yeah, Pablo is still on lots of meds and will be for awhile. His doctors are slowly taking him off of some thankfully. I'm so sorry to hear about your arm. That's crazy that it hasn't fully healed in that period of time. That's really too bad if you need another surgery but hopefully that will be it and your life can get back to normal soon! Are you back at work? I hope all is well with your family and maybe soon you'll come back to Ottawa? LOL! Just kidding. That would be really nice though! I miss you tons and love ya lots!



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