Oh Isabella!

I took this week off work because Pablo's doctor wanted him supervised for the first little while after being recently discharged from an 8 day stay at the hospital. So this morning after Isabella headed off on the bus to school, Pablo, Simon and I went to run a couple errands. We all needed a bit of fresh air although it's freaking cold and rainy today.

We were on our way home, close to when Isabella finishes school and figured that because it was raining quite heavily, we'd go by the school and just pick her up instead of her taking the bus home. We pull up to the school and there was a police car there and 3 fire trucks. Pablo went in to see what was up and collect Isabella.

Turns out that a teacher set the kitchen on fire and all the kids were evacuated out of the school. Thankfully, Isabella's class got to go stay in one of the portables out in the school yard rather than stand out in the rain.

Pablo comes back to the car where Simon and I were waiting and he said that Isabella refused to be driven home - she wanted to take the bus and she would meet us at home when she gets off the bus. And that folks, is our nutty Isabella.

A few hours after the bus incident, my very pregnant sister Jen ('Zia Jenny' to Isabella) called to say she was on her way over to go through some of our baby clothes and Isabella said, "Is it the real Zia Jenny? 'Cause I just lost my remembory!"



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