Table and chairs for kids - part 3


  1. w o n d e r f u l ! greetings from Germany

  2. Gabe's got a table and 2 chairs that sit in corner of the dining room. They're the unfinished ones from Ikea (same chair as Dana Made It?) and while I/he love having them there, man, they are so freaking ratty looking now. I'm thinking about painting them in a gloss but I'd have to take them out to a friend's house because I've got no backyard! Or driveway! I can't imagine the hullabaloo it would cause with all the old folks in the building if I were out in the parking lot spray painting Gabe's table. LOL! You know, I might do it just for that!

  3. Thanks Maria. Tell Germany I say hi! LOL!

    My mom kept the little table and chairs that Kim and I used when we were kids and she gave it to me for our basement a few months ago. I just love them and they thankfully aren't too ratty looking yet. They have a nice varnish on them which is probably why they have stayed in such good shape. I love painting furniture so I've been tempted to paint them but have so far refrained...

    You should totally paint them. Glossy white. Or glossy black. Or a really funky colour even. It would have to match your dining room colours though. Good times! (I'm strange like that)

    But anyway, you should totally paint it outside and get those old folks high on the paint fumes! I bet they'd love it! Next thing you know, they're all out there painting stuff too! Shit disturber you! LOL!

  4. I think a few (more than a few?) of these old people would be well served to get high on paint fumes. ;-)

    I'm thinking a glossy blue--not navy but ocean blue? Hell, I don't know how to describe it.

  5. I gotcha. That would be very cute...I mean manly enough for little Gabe.



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