For Simon's room

Here are some new additions for Simon's woodland room (all from Etsy):

The blanket is a wool army blanket that my sister, Kim, bought for Simon's birthday. Once he is done with his crib, this blanket will be on his twin bed:

The paint by numbers I bought for Simon for Christmas from Etsy store Forrestina Vintage:

This crest print I bought for Simon's birthday from OhMyAmpersand:

I need to get to an Ikea soon to get frames for these and for a few other paint by numbers that I have in Simon's room.


  1. I love that blanket. So, SO love that blanked.

  2. Kim almost wanted to keep it. I see why cause it is so freaking nice.

  3. looks like an old swiss army blanket. Some years ago people started to upcycle them and they are highly in demand. My mother made me a bag from one.

  4. Swiss army blankets are definitely big right now. A bag would be very cool!



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