Last night's outing

Last night was fun. My parents took Simon for the evening AND for a sleepover. Isabella and I went to an Ottawa 67's hockey game while Pablo went to take part in a trivia competition (right next door to where the hockey game was). He made it onto a team of one of our local radio stations. There were 250 teams, each made up of 10 players and his team finished 8th! Not bad for someone who had brain surgery 7 months ago!!!

This was Isabella's second time going to a 67's game. Pablo had taken her a week or two ago to her first game and she loved it. First thing she says when we walk in is 'Where's the popcorn?' Well, first I got her a hot dog since she hadn't had dinner and then I got her some popcorn. We only stayed for 2 periods and I must have taken her to the bathroom five times. During the last bathroom break, Isabella was leaning over to pull up her pants and her Ottawa 67's toque (that she got for free when we entered the arena) fell off her head and landed in the toilet! Gross. I fished it out and threw it in the garbage. Thankfully we had a second toque that was supposed to be for Simon. I guess now they're going to have to share...

Simon was a complete angel for my parents - YAY! He slept straight through the night - YAY! I got to sleep in till 7:25 this morning - YAY!

LOTS of cleaning and laundry to do today and tomorrow. I can hardly contain my excitement. To help me get through the cleaning and laundry, I caved and bought a little something that I've wanted for a REALLY LONG TIME. Check it our here (it was $16.99 USD!).


  1. Oh, poor you!!!!! Lot's of laundry sounds familiar. I'm HAPPY that Pablo had a chance to spend quality time with Isabella :-). I miss you, guys, badly. I will call you next week once I hear from the surgeon updates on my condition. Still don't have a clue on what is going on. I promise I'll call.
    Kisses to Pablo and kids.
    Loveya. xoxoxo
    Ella V

  2. I miss you too Ella! You still haven't heard from the surgeon yet!?!?!?!? All that waiting sounds WAY too familiar...



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