Simon - 2 year stats

Simon had his 2 year check-up the other day and thankfully it was an appointment that didn't require any immunizations (although Simon never cries when he gets a shot). The doctor noticed that Simon has an overbite - not surprising since I had braces and every other associated contraption for years and years. The doctor asked us if we had any concerns and we said that Simon still isn't really talking but he is phenomenal at getting his point across despite not being vocal. We then said that he probably isn't saying much because it's hard for him to get a word in because his father and sister talk non-stop. The doctor agreed that this could be slowing down his verbal progress. We have to make an appointment to take Simon to a 'First Words' screening clinic where he'll be assessed.

Here are Simon's two year stats:

Length: 92 cm, 36.2 inches, 2.9 feet
Weight: 32.3 pounds
Head circumference: 51 cm, 19.9 inches


  1. Gabe didn't really talk much at all until way after his 2nd birthday. I just watched video from last Christmas and he was still grunting and us. However, now he talks pretty much non-stop. He went from zero to paragraphs.

    He and Gabe are the same height! (Gabe turned 3 in Sept.) But Gabe weighs about 28 pounds. He's a little peanut.

  2. I really think Simon is going to be like Gabe when it comes to talking. He is just waiting for the right moment to surprise us all with a whole lotta words.

    Gabe is your little peanut and I refer to Simon as my little chubby. LOL!



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