We got it again...

Wednesday of last week, I got to work and didn't feel so good. My Tim Horton's coffee that I crave first thing in the morning tasted off. Then I started getting hot flashes and felt like I was going to pass out. Then I got REALLY nauseous and quickly went to the bathroom where I got sick. I hate nothing more than throwing up in a public bathroom - makes me throw up even more. I called Pablo and he came to pick me up at work. I felt HORRIBLE. The rest of the day I could barely move because of the nausea that wouldn't go away. The next morning I felt quite a bit better but still slightly nauseous.

It ain't over...hence the 'we' in the title of this depressing post...

Sunday morning, Isabella woke up and right away moaned and said that she had to go to the bathroom. Let's just say it wasn't to pee. She seemed okay after that and asked to go to Tim Horton's for breakfast (we had promised her the day before that we would go). All four of us went to Timmy's, ordered food, sat down at a table and Isabella looks at me and said that she had to go to the bathroom FAST. I don't think I've ever moved that fast before but it didn't help because she threw up all over the floor IN THE MIDDLE OF TIM HORTON'S. I cleaned Isabella up with some napkins and we all got the heck out of there real fast. We got home and Isabella rested in bed with Pablo for most of the day and only got sick one more time. Today she went to school and is back to her normal hyperactive self.

Again, there is more to the 'we'...unfortunately...

This morning I got ready for work and usually I get the kids up and dressed and then I race out of the house. But this fine morning, the kids were fast asleep around the time that I usually get them dressed so I told Pablo it was up to him to get them dressed and I left for work. Not long after I left, Simon woke up and Pablo went into his room to find that early in the evening, Simon threw up all over his crib and then went back to sleep. Dried puke everywhere. Now what kid throws up and doesn't cry right after?!?!?!?!?!? My boy. I hear everything and am a very light sleeper and he did not make any noise that would have me think that he was getting sick. I felt HORRIBLE that I let him sleep in vomit all night long.

To end this fabulous post, Pablo got sick this morning too. Surprise surprise.

As of tonight, Simon has yet to be sick besides the one time in his crib and all of us, except Simon, seem to have our appetites back.

I looked back through the illnesses I've posted and we all had the stomach flu April 2 of this year. I think we deserve at least a year off till this nonsense happens again...right?!?!?!?!

UPDATE Nov 25th: I got to work yesterday and felt really nauseous the whole day. After work I went with Pablo to an appointment and by the time we picked up the kids and got home, I couldn't hold it any longer. I got sick in my nice clean bathroom. I held it in for 12 freaking hours. I don't get it though - I thought I was over this...CRAP!!! And if the kids get it again, I'm going to GO CRAZY!


  1. aww. :[ Well at least you passed it around quickly - hopefully it's on it's way out the door!

    Emma threw up in her crib once while she was sleeping and when I walked up the stairs to go to bed later, it was all I could smell. :[ I cannot imagine sleeping thru that!

  2. Oh no! Not again. I'm so sorry.

    Funny you should ask about puking kids--Gabe's had a fever since yesterday and a bad cough. At lunch yesterday, I turn around and he's standing there with puke dripping off his face, down his shirt and in a puddle on the floor. I said, oh sweetie. He immediately said, through the puke, I'm fine, I'm okay mama. It did make me laugh. We've evidently got two of a kind!

    And even though I'm sure it was mortifying in Tim Horton's, all I can think now is that you didn't have to clean it up! She's her father's daughter--didn't he puke outside the car on the way home from the hospital once? I love how they're so considerate. ;-)

  3. hey, Jule, sorry to hear that... You guys need a good loooooooong vacation on the beach to get the immune system back to normal. I wish you could do that!
    For me, as I'm back from the hospital, here the news. Doc confirmed that my bone didn't heal at all and I need a bone grafting. I knew it coming but still i couldn't hold the tears. It all kinda surprised me as I always was staying healthy. Anyways, they are going to schedule the surgery any time in the next 3 month or so. Then they going to undo whatever is here, put the bone implant and then put the new plate and screws.
    Anyways, i'm trying to keep positive and pray (what else can I do?)
    I wish you and your lovely family will outcome this flu in no time.
    Love you deeply,

  4. Collette - Poor Gabe!!! I was very lucky I didn't have to clean the mess at Tim Horton's. In the middle of her puking, I grabbed an empty donut box for her to continue puking in but it had slits in the bottom because it folded flat...what the hell was I thinking?!?!?! LOL! And yes Pablo did puke outside the car once. I do get breaks - actually, just the other day, my cat threw up in the bathroom sink - easy clean up there too!!!

    Oh Ella! I'm SOOOOO sorry to hear the news about your arm! You've spent so long trying to recover and heal and to find out that the healing all this time wasn't even working. I feel so bad - I don't really know what to say because I know how hard it is to deal with medical stuff for month after month. We're praying for you here and please try as hard as you can to stay positive. I'm always here for you whenever you need me. Love you a whole bunch Ella!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi sweethart,
    LOVE you even more, and you know that :-) Thanks for the kind words. Miss you a lot!



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