Our house is full of sickos. I am just getting over a wicked bad cold. Pablo has had the flu for a few days now and is vomiting quite a bit. He has had the nurse come to the house the last couple of days to give him a Gravol injection - he needs to keep his meds down. Simon woke up from his nap today with a fever and he only wants to be held. Isabella is congested and grumpy.

I hope things improve for Saturday....


  1. That's where I've been--Gabe got pinkeye last week so I took him to the doctor on Thursday. Where he puked ALL over the exam room. (No cleanup for mommy--yay!) Except that he puked on himself and me. So the pinkeye and the gastroenteritis probably came from crazy bacteria from potty training. I figure he got poop on his blanket and then stuck that thing in his mouth.

    Oh, then he shared the gastro crap with me and while he was peachy fine on Saturday, I was sick from Saturday through Wednesday. Oh, and in-laws were here Tues through Thursday. Oh, and I woke up yesterday with a sore throat. Yay! Yay for daycare germs! Oh, and poop germs but we're letting that one go.

    Joe is actually staying home today, tomorrow and Sunday which is the longest stretch in many a month by far. Our next round of company comes tomorrow night with a couple more on Sunday. Welcome to chaos in the city!

    I hope everyone starts feeling better in both our houses! Hang in there.

  2. OMG Collette! I'm speechless. I'm so sorry that you all are sick but I hope you all had a Merry Christmas anyway! We managed to do okay despite the coughing and nose blowing and the bad moods and Pablo's vomiting and many attempts to pee, etc, etc. Hope you're doing better though! (Gotta run and get Simon out of his crib)

  3. Actually, I got sick all over again! Maybe strep. Not sure yet. I am telling you, sending the kid to daycare has been hell on my health! I mean, WTF???? ;-)

  4. And we get sick here at least once a month. Damn that kindergarten!!!

    Strep - poor you if it is!

  5. My doctor even said she knew a guy who was sick for 2 years. She kept telling him it was his kid but he didn't believe her. I do. ;-)



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