Christmas Day photos

Despite the fact that all of us are sick, we had a pretty damn good Christmas. A huge thank you to my mom for cooking up a storm Christmas Day and my aunt and uncle for having us Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve was a stressful day - Pablo had to call a nurse to get a gravol injection and to get a catheter because again he hadn't peed in a couple days. The nurse came, did her thing, and then we went straight to my aunt and uncle's for dinner. (Catheter was removed by Pablo upon our return home that night).

I'll post photos from Christmas Day here and I'll post photos of some of the really cool gifts hopefully tomorrow. I spent the day today just putting all the gifts away and tidying up. Anyway, here are photos that my sister Kim and I took from Christmas Day.

the kids opening gifts at our place Christmas morning

the tree at my parents'

Isabella and her cousin Gianna

Isabella eating her fav foods - chips and salsa

Isabella being her strange self

Simon was feeling under the weather and often would just lay on the floor

We let him have his pacifier since it made him feel better

(this one is of Gianna taken Christmas Eve) 


  1. Those are great photos! I think I neglected to wish you Merry Christmas! I'm sorry. :-( Let me be the first to get in Happy New Year!!!!

    I've pretty much felt like that picture of Isabella with her sitting against the dresser. I love that photo. And of course, I like the one you labeled Isabella being her strange self. She looks like she's practicing her supermodel poses!

  2. I was going to send you an email too but chaos broke loose over here and there were catheters involved and nurses visits and whiny sick kids. BRUTAL.

    Happy New Year to you too!

    The strange self photo was her wondering why my sister was laying on the ground taking pictures. She's so nutty.

  3. Boo to chaos. Boo to catheters and whining. I vote for less in 2011--less sickness for me (and all of you of course!), less hours at work for Joe and less whining for Gabe! Less, less, less!

  4. And if we don't get 'less' then FLOCK this crap!

  5. Awesome Pictures thanks for posting them up and giving us the opportunity to view where we might not be at big sister ornament that moment in time Thank you!!!

  6. Merry Christmas beautiful Christmas photo like it so much ��������

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