Holiday decor at our place

Don't laugh but we have a really tiny (maybe 4 feet tall) Christmas tree and it's artificial. Pablo hates it and thinks it is really, really wrong to have an artificial tree. But, we're broke and this tree was a freebie from my mom. I did however go nuts at Ikea a week ago and bought some new decorations for the tree (Ikea - I love you). A tree that size is easy to decorate at a low price! I took a few photos of the other holiday decor around the house too. It isn't much but I think it looks alright.

front hall table which I should have dusted off before taking this photo...

light switch is unfortunately in the middle of this piece of wall - see next photo

the tree is across from this in the nook of the stairs (this piece of furniture is usually where the tree is)

dining room table - I treated myself and bought the gorgeous tray at Ikea when I bought the decorations for the tree


  1. No laughing at all! I think it looks great. I'm not wild about artificial trees but Joe, who, to be fair, is the person that puts the trees up and takes them down, is all for it. So, we got an artificial one. It looks pretty good and I do like not finding needles 5 years later (for real). We haven't even started decorating yet--I'm totally jealous!

  2. Thanks Collette! I do like the fact that artificial trees are not messy. I'm also worried what the cat will do to a real tree...she chews all my plants and I'm sure she'd try to climb a real tree or something. I surprised myself having the decorations up so early. (And here's me patting myself on the back). :)



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