Random holiday photo

my lovely things


  1. FIRE!!!!!!!!!! ;-) (I've got a little bit of a history with it.)

  2. LOL! I didn't even really notice. Was to busy admiring the photography... So let's hear the story Collette...

  3. Oh, there are many, many stories but the one I remember most was when Joe and I were in Knoxville with 2 friends for a wedding. At the reception, there was a box sitting in the middle of one of the tables and they needed the glass in it for a toast. Maribeth (my friend) pulled it out and got it ready. All of a sudden, we noticed that the tissue paper from the box had been set afire. Joe chose that particular moment to walk over and the first thing he said was COLLETTE!!!! All accusing and everything. Maribeth and her husband were dying laughing as I refuted my involvement. It's the history, you see. ;-0



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