Got me some more antlers!

Giddyup!!! LOL! My good buddy and co-worker Jim went home this past weekend to Alberta and brought me back a big bag of deer antlers again! Jim's niece, Kennedy, is the finder of the antlers and one day Jim is going to get me a photo of Kennedy with some antlers so I can credit her here on the blog for her fabulous antler finding skills. Unfortunately, Alberta has a crapload of snow so it might be awhile before Kennedy can find some more. I gave one antler to my parents and one is for my sister's cottage. One will have a new home in Simon's room and another will be a part of my new bedroom decor - whenever I get that started...

Thanks Jim!!!

The one on the tray was the first one I got from Jim a few weeks ago

This one must have come from a scrapper! Or a really clumsy deer...


  1. Obviously the injuries are from a bar fight.

  2. Hello!Thank u for linking to my blog:) My soons room have a lot from fleamarkeds. Your blog is beautiful:)Coming back soon:)


  3. love!! I just bought a mounted deer head over the weekend.

  4. Collette - how did I not come up with that one ?!?!?! LOL!

    You're welcome Lotta! Do come back!

    Hollie - Pablo would not allow a deer head in our house. Antlers was pushing it even. I am still trying to convince him to let me have a cowhide and I've been working on that for a couple years now...



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