Look who got a mohawk!!!

While I was at work today, Pablo said he got Simon's bangs trimmed. Pablo sent me a photo of Simon (taken from his Blackberry) after his haircut and I almost had a heart attack:

Where in the hell did my little boy go?!?!?!?! He looks like a different kid!!! I kinda miss his curls but I do like a change.

When Isabella got her first look at Simon when she got home from school, she said, "Oh my goodness! That is so priceless!"

Here is a before photo of Simon taken on New Years Day:

See what I mean? - not the same kid!

Anyway, I couldn't help but take shots of different angles of his new, lighter head:

Another big highlight of my day today - a co-worker of mine, Jim, who lives in Alberta (he goes home usually every second weekend) brought me three deer antlers from home. They were so freaking fabulous! I kept the biggest of the antlers and gave the other two to my sister who is also in love with antlers. I left my antler at work because I didn't want to take it home on the bus so I don't have a photo of it but Kim posted hers on her blog here. I'm going to bring my antler home tomorrow and I'll post a photo of it. Thanks Jim - you're awesome!!!


  1. Might I add in that this new 'do was the result of a bet between Pablo and Jeff. If Jeff's xmas present to Pablo was related to the Blue Jays baseball team, Simon would get a mohawk. Jeff coincidentally got him a Blue Jays jersey. :-) FINALLY the kid gets the mohawk I've been begging for. Except I wish it was longer on the top/back part. Right now it's kind of a faux-hawk.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the top part grow. At least he won't need a haircut for awhile - except maybe a trim of the sides.

  3. AWW!! He certainly does look like a different person! He's so cute.. but I sure did love his shaggy do!

  4. Aw that is such an awesome haircut! he does look Soo different - but super cute!
    I agree with Kim the top would look better longer.
    Then it would be epic!

  5. hey i thought i was getting an antler too!

  6. Thanks Hollie and Keren. Now that we've cut all Simon's hair off, we can experiment as it grows.

    Jen - I asked you because I think more might be coming and needed to know how interested you were. It was hard enough giving two away to Kim - trust me!

  7. Oh man! Don't you hate it and love it all at the same time? Where'd that baby go???????

  8. Wow! What a change, cool though I think I can see the two of you in him more now. Either way he is a cutie patootie, but now he can rock this place :)

  9. Ahhh... how cute! An incredible change, but a lovely change! I think he can carry both of the haircuts. Nice, nice!


  10. He definitely doesn't look as angelic as he used to! I do miss his curls. We might let them grow back at some point but for now I'm enjoying him looking that much more like a boy.



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