Need a change

There are some rooms in our home that I've neglected for quite some time now - our bedroom being one of them. Our bedroom is all brown - brown walls, brown wood bed frame, 3 dressers all in different shades of brown wood, brown vintage loveseat, brown bedding, brown floor lamp and brown curtains. BLEH. I hate it. So I've decided (with Pablo's go-ahead) to redo the bedroom for as cheap as possible because we have no money.

First things first, I want to paint. I want to paint the wall behind our bed black and the other walls white. I bought 3 throw pillows for the bed on Etsy ($11 each). I have art from other rooms of the house that I can bring into the room. I have some decorative pieces in the bedroom that I think might work if I spray paint them black. Isabella used to have a black flowered comforter on her bed that if I flip it over I can use since it's solid black on the back. My mom gave me a large white tapestry/throw in white that I can put over the plain black comforter. I'll have to buy new curtains which I think I'll get from Ikea (white ones with a black design preferably). When winter is over, I'd like to paint 2 of the 3 dressers black. I'm thinking of spray painting the floor lamp black (right now it is brown wicker). Ideally I'd like new bedside lamps but for the time being, I need to get new lampshades for our existing lamps.

Here are some photos that have given me inspiration for the bedroom:

sarah kaye
apartment therapy
apartment therapy
elle decor
home and decor
jimmy schonning
nuevo estillo
per magnus persson
riddarfjärden fastighetsmäkleri
skona hem

I also plan on painting Simon's room grey and the main bathroom upstairs in the same grey - after our bedroom is painted.


  1. That sounds like a great project! Would just like to say I love your Blog, I only found it a few weeks ago but so inspirational and stylish!

  2. Can't wait to see how it goes. I love that spread on the ekenstam photo. May have to think about something like that...

  3. That photo is my fav. I want those lamps on either side of the bed. And the art. And the bedding.

  4. you SO deserve to have your bedroom be a place you LOVE to collapse at the end of the day!
    these lamps (http://www.danagibson.com/lampcowhide.html) would be INSANE in the B+W space you describe.
    i also think you ought to have some pop of color- bright yellow or a plum purple, peacock turquoise... maybe paint one of the tables (or a lamp) in a glossy bright and it will have a huge impact!
    good luck!

  5. Those are nice tables. I guess I never look at bedside tables because our radiator is right beside my side of the bed so we can never have matching tables. We could of course move our bed but then it would be on a shared wall with our neighbors and the Princess and the Pea could never, ever deal with that, quiet as they are.

  6. Our bedroom wall is shared with our neighbour's master bedroom wall too. Our beds are separated by this wall. Good times!...Not!

  7. Sarah - I forgot to comment on your comment. OOPS. Love the cowhide lamp! A tad pricy though. I gotta see if anyone I know (like my sister) has any lamps that I can borrow. Need paint and curtains more than I need lamps. I had been thinking about a pop of colour too - leaning towards bright yellow for sure! And LOVE glossy anything!



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