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Life is crazy busy and Pablo mentioned to me yesterday that I haven't put anything personal on the blog in awhile. My apologies but life has been crazy. Weekdays are hectic because I get home from work at 4:30 and I get changed into my sweats and start dinner by 4:45. I'm lucky if I am done in the kitchen by 6:15. After I'm done doing dinner dishes, I make my lunch for work the next day and get Isabella's snack ready to take to school. From the kitchen, the kids and I typically go down in the basement where they can let off some steam before bed and I try to quickly check my email. Pablo is usually resting/napping in our bedroom after dinner. Bath and pj's and all that and we try to get the kids in bed by 8:30 (or 9). (Simon usually has a 3 hour afternoon nap and lately Isabella naps too - hence the late-ish bedtime). I collapse in bed once the kids are down and can never get up so early to bed for me because 5:30 am comes real quick.

Isabella update:
Isabella gets her report card this Friday!!! It better be good! LOL! I'm excited to see what her teacher has to say about her. Not sure if I wrote about this before but Isabella got ice skates and Pablo has taken her out a few times. Isabella is a natural at all sports - including skating - and hopefully I can get photos of her skating one day soon. Other than that, Isabella sings the bilingual national anthem (which she is doing right now into a toy microphone as I write this) and has repeated french phrases that she's learned at school. Smarty pants.

Simon update:
My boy still doesn't say much but at least he finally says yes and no when you ask him questions. He's added a few more words to his small vocabulary list - I'm so tired that I can't even think of what the heck they are. OH YEAH - I just remembered - when he gets really annoyed, he says 'Oh geez' or 'Oh gawd'. Funny stuff. He still will repeat everything that Dora says but not when you ask him to say the same. I'm over it though....

Pablo update:
Pablo's physiotherapist came to the house the other day and gave him a workout that he is still feeling all over. AND he now has a cane to help him get around easier on the really rough days. This Thursday is the appointment to get his eyes checked. Most likely glasses are a comin'. Pablo told this to Isabella and for some reason, it made her cry...

Me update:
Over the weekend I managed to make the bunting for Simon's tree for his room and took a couple quick photos. I want to take some proper photos with his toddler bed in place of the damn crib so better photos will be posted here soon. For now, here is a sneak peek of the tree:

More of Simon's room here.

That's all I have time to write - Simon just pooped and I gotta get the monkeys ready for bed so that I can pass out soon after. Can't wait....how sad.


  1. Julia, you are amazing! Your positive attitude and sense of humour will carry you through. Love your blog and hope Pablo continues to have positive gains.


  2. Girl, your schedule is CRAY-CRAY!!! (Okay, what's that ripping noise in my living room????)

    Okay, I'm back. All was well. Anyhow, I did wonder what was up but I thought maybe your fingers were frozen due to the cold. It's currently 13 here today--for the high. Joy!

    Shit, the toilet just flushed. Hopefully it's from Gabe peeing by himself (he's been doing that lately as well as pooping by himself!!!!). Okay, I'm back. He flushed it because he peed in the toilet, wiped it down with toilet paper, flushed it then washed his hands. Man, I'm good. (Until he pees on the floor or something.) I do hope we've crossed the poop bridge though, finally. Please, please, please.

    Oh, I'm back. Gabe just started yelling at me--Hey mama, c'mere, I wanna tell you something. Uh-oh. I get there and he said, I made poop!!! 4 days in a row he's gone to poop by himself. And he just thanked me for wiping his butt (which he should frankly because if that doesn't signify love I don't know what does). Yay for making poop in the potty!!!

    Wow, 15 paragraphs and I didn't say anything. The bunting looks great! I hope the eye appointment went well today. All the coolest people have glasses dontcha know?

    Hang in there sweetie. Tomorrow is Friday!

  3. Thank you so much Eileen!!!!!!!

    YAY Gabe! YAY for pooping! And now I can actually picture Gabe pooping and you wiping his ass cause I know what you both look like now!!!!!!!!! LOL! 4 days in a row is fantastic! I am absolutely not looking forward to the potty training process with Simon...

    Those 15 paragraphs sure had me chuckling.

    Cold here too. Worked from home today so I never stepped outside. Had no urge to.

    Pablo needs glasses. No surprise there and hopefully glasses will lessen the amount of migraines he gets. I am 2 years overdue for some too so I gotta get a new prescription and we'll both go get some.

    Friday. Awesome.

  4. I'll go with you. My glasses are way old. My prescription didn't change (unless I want to get *coughgaspahem* bi-fucking-focals--not a word, girl!) but the frames are so stretched out they sometimes fall of my face. Joy! Hopefully Pablo's will help with the migraines.

    I love the picture you now have in your head of Gabe and me!

    And, it's a balmy 18 here, headed for 37 on Sunday, so there's some hope!

  5. bifocals?!?!?!?! Trying not to giggle...

    My frames are stretched too - always sliding down my nose. So very annoying. My lenses are scratched beyond belief. Again annoying.

    18 and 37! I had to look up what that is in celsius. LOL! Today it's going to be around 14 here (i converted it for ya!). I should stop using celsius - numbers that start with a minus depress me. Yikes - snow today and tomorrow too.

  6. I hadn't even thought about the Celsius vs. Fahrenheit thing--negative numbers do suck. It's practically balmy here today.



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