I'm running out of title ideas...

Here's the latest and why I'm speechless and can't think of a damn title for this crap...

Pablo started getting pains in his lower left abdomen late yesterday and it got progressively worse really fast. He didn't sleep all night because of the pain. I didn't sleep because of his moaning. After Isabella left for school, Simon and I took Pablo to the hospital thinking that he's having issues/possible infection from the bladder tests he had on Monday. This is a possibility but his urologist is thinking that an even more probable diagnosis is


I might have to take him back to the hospital later - through Emergency. He needs an MRI. 

My husband is REALLY defective. Don't know another way to say it. I'd like someone to tell me of another 33 year old who has had as many random medical issues as Pablo. It just never stops.

To my mom and dad vacationing in Mexico - we're hanging in there - don't worry!


  1. Ugh. I'm so sorry! Wishing Pablo a speedy recovery.

  2. Aaww... Hope he gets well soon! Take it easy, Kellie xx

  3. Can you return him for a refund?

    Poor Pablo.

  4. I was gonna ask the same thing, freefalling, did you keep the receipt?

    (just a joke, of course, without humor, we're nothing)

    lots of love

  5. Thanks guys. I did keep the receipt and I'm going tomorrow to see if I can get my money back because I was pretty sure there was a money back guarantee at time of purchase. LOL!

    The kids and I dropped him off at the hospital after dinner. Couldn't stay since I had the kids and the less time they spend at hospitals the better.

    It's pretty sad when your kid asks "Which hospital are we dropping dad off at this time?"

  6. I'm so sorry for your husband, I pray that this gets resolved super quick for him.

    I must say you have such a wonderful sense of humour and its great that you can keep it in these "moments".

  7. Holy hell! might've been a good title!!!! Because HOLY HELL!! (Or as Gabe now says, What the heck?)

    I've often said I need a tune-up but I'll let Pablo go in front of me.

    Aren't those suckers really painful? Yikes! Poor Pablo. Poor Julia. Poor kiddies. :-(

  8. Thanks Iona. If I let all this crap get to me - I would have lost my mind long ago.

    Love ya Collette!



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