Happy anniversary to us!

Today marks 6 years of marriage for Pablo and I!

A whole lot of sh*t has happened since our last anniversary - mainly just a stupid brain tumour that has consumed our lives since April '10. The last year has been rough beyond words and I know I haven't said it as much as I should but Pablo, I love you a helluva lot. We've lasted through this nightmare of a year and I know we'll have decades of better years ahead of us. Happy anniversary babe!

(photo below is not the greatest but it is one of the only photos I've got of just us two)


  1. Happy Anniversary you two sweet potatoes!

    Kim, get over there right now and watch the kids so they can go out. ;-)

    I hope you have a wonderful anniversary. Marriage is wonderful but so much harder than they ever tell you. You've already made it through so much. You have plenty of reasons to be proud and to celebrate! Julia might even get a little tipsy. ;-D

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you have an awesome day, and enjoy doing something special :)

  3. Thanks everybody!

    My younger sister, her husband and my niece came over to watch the kiddos while Pablo and I went for dinner. It was yummy AND I HAD WINE COLLETTE! No getting tipsy, just feeling good!

  4. Oh, I love it when people pay attention to me! At least my directive worked on one of your sisters. ;-)

    I'm glad you had a wonderful time--you both deserve it!

  5. Congratulations love birds. Here's to many, many more xx

  6. Thanks! Many more healthier years I freaking hope. :)



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