Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Pablo - I love you. Isabella and Simon - I love you. Happy Valentine's Day to you all!!!

Guess what I decided to make for Isabella to bring to school today:

white and dark hearted brownies - courtesy of smitten kitchen. Photo is from smitten kitchen also. I am very proud to say that mine looked pretty darn close to the picture above. I hope Isabellla's class likes them!
(Dianne - you would have been so proud!)

(I'm home from work today because Pablo has a urology appointment today - of all the appointments to have today...LOL!)

UPDATE: the brownies were a hit - I sent her to school with 18 brownies and she only came home with 4!
And Pablo had a 'procedure' done at his appointment - he didn't know he was having said 'procedure' done - basically some lovely bladder tests...he said it was horrible...he is home now and going to bed.


  1. Yep, it's a pisser.

    I love Smitten Kitchen! Love, love. I'm sure her class will adore the brownies--who wouldn't?

    Have a great Valentine's day.

  2. 'pisser' - LOL! Good one as always!

    You have a great valentine's day too!



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