Holy hell

(thanks for the title Collette!)

Pablo called me from the hospital at 1am to tell me that it is NOT KIDNEY STONES that he has.


It's pretty bad and is fixed through surgery. Yes another surgery for Pablo.

And get this - he has been sitting in a chair in Emergency for 13 hours. They discovered the hernia around midnight and they sent him back to the waiting room to wait till the surgical staff came in a 6 am this morning. The place was deserted and a bunch of empty beds by Emergency and they would not let him lay down. He is not sure when they'll do the surgery. Maybe today if they have time or it might have to wait till next week if they can't squeeze him in anytime soon. He is really pissed.

I crossed out the surgery part - Pablo just called (7am). They are sending him home hoping the hernia will just fix itself I guess. They told him to contact his family doctor next week if he is still in pain. They won't do surgery. Now he is REALLY, REALLY pissed.

(mom and dad - we're still doing okay!)

UPDATE: I picked Pablo up at the hospital after Isabella went to school. When he was leaving, he was told that if he is still in as much pain on Monday as today, he is to go back to Emergency and they will put him on the Emergency surgery list. They told him that hernias don't just go away, that in fact they usually get worse.

Crap. Shit. Poop....lots of bad words inserted here or feel free to leave some for me in the comments - it'll make me feel better.


  1. All I can do is shake my head in disbelief. This is ridiculous! I hope they get everything sorted and fixed soon. Sending y'all lots of happy thoughts to get through this.

  2. My husband had hernia surgery. It's not usually an emergency but the pain is definitely a factor. I hope all goes well.

  3. When I want to sound sophisticated, I say Qu'est-ce que fuck? It sounds fancier. Not grammatically correct, mind you, but fancy.

  4. That's sweet of you Kristy - thank you!

    Thanks Maggie May!

    Holy crap Collette - I almost peed my freaking pants reading your comment. Then I made my sister read it and she almost peed her pants!...our family has bladder issues... ANYWAY, keep up the witty, hilarious as all hell comments and I'll never have to waste brain cells thinking of post titles again!!! WOOHOO! Just you wait - I am TOTALLY using this one real soon! Thanks for making me smile today. I really needed that.

  5. Hugs Julia. I'm furious that they made him sit there that whole time. Is you medical system as bad as the one we have here in Australia? I hope Pablo's not in too much pain. Xx

  6. Anytime I can make someone pee their pants--someone whose pants I don't have to change anyway--that's a good day.

  7. Tamsyn - thanks for the hugs! We have a pretty good medical system but wait times for everything is a bit ridiculous. If you need to go to a walk-in clinic, there's a line-up before the doors even open. You need to go to the emergency room - they post the hours you'll have to wait (hoping that people might just go back home if it's not too serious). You need to see a specialist - be prepared to wait months and months.

    C - :)



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