The shit - continued

So Pablo is still herniating. Is that a word? Don't really care - 'cause it is now.

Simon has a cough and cold. He's miserable. Just like his father.

Isabella seems to have a cough the first two hours after she goes to sleep. Awesome.

I am fine. So fine that I made myself a tray of these. And I plan on eating the whole thing. BOOYAH!

(Collette - still saving 'that' title for something REALLY good)


  1. It's a word now for sure!

    There are coughs and much grumpiness around here too but no herniating.

    Man, those treats look fabulous. Joe and I have been going to a trainer and have radically modified our diet, gradually adding things back in. (TWO weeks of protein and green vegetables only. Seriously. The next week our treat was adding in all vegetables, except potatoes.) I might punch someone for those treats.

    This is how bad it is--in our house, we typically make our treats--cookies, cake, whatever. I saw a picture of a vanilla oreo, which I would NEVER buy, and thought it looked like nirvana. Sigh.

    Hopefully the treats will help mama out. And eating them yourself seems like the best plan to me!

  2. This all sucks! I read your blog every day, and i sooo wish for no Pablo news (well if it is, that its good)
    You guys are in my thoughts all the time.

    But i must say, those rice crispy squares look delicious! if i were you, i would eat them ALL too! :)

    Hope you all get a much needed break soon, it would suck to have to come up with more profanity filled titles..though fun, would be more fun to make happy ones :)


  3. Feel free to bring me some of that to work tomorrow. Although that's not gonna help my soon-to-be-in-a-bathing-suit situation.

  4. Julia no workie tomorrow, take care of hubbie while sickie with hernia till surgery!,
    daddy (pablo)

  5. Collette - that diet sounds very...diet-y. I love protein and green veggies so not too bad. Hope it works out for you and Joe! I'll eat a square for ya! Simon likes them too - his first time trying rice krispie squares and he is in love!

    Keren - I hope to one day be done with the shitty news. It is really tiring writing about it let alone living it. And the profanity has been very therapeutic. :)

    Kim - come and get 'em!

    Pablo - you high or something?!?!?!?



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