Pablo is having his hernia surgery TOMORROW!!! He went to see the surgeon this morning for a consultation and while he was there, someone cancelled their surgery for tomorrow. Pablo jumped up and down in excitement thus giving him the surgery slot for tomorrow.

Holy crap.


  1. It's about *time* things started to go your way! Here's to a quick and easy recovery!

  2. all the best for pablo!!! we are here, in Uruguay, Southamerica, praying for you!!!

  3. WTF! Yay though! No time to get freaked about it either which is always a plus in my book.

    Sending good wishes!

  4. Well hell, it's about time your luck changed, sister. Best of luck - good vibes coming at you for successful surgery & speedy recovery.

  5. Many thanks to you all! This surgery will be a piece of cake compared to brain surgery!

    (C - we were shocked to at Pablo's luck at being there right at the exact time they got a cancellation)

  6. wow what luck he was there when that happened, i actually jumped in my chair when i read it (and i even did a happy squeal! :) )
    I was hoping something good would happen soon, i was reminded of you guys when i saw a car on the way to work, with the number plate 'PABLOZ' lol

    Hope it all goes well xo

  7. That's great! Hope everything goes well for Pablo tomorrow, I'm glad to hear everything is working out.

  8. Keren - that's so funny that you thought of us when you saw that license plate! It went alright...slight complication (see my update post)

    tata - thanks!

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