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  1. You doing okay today? I'm thinking about you. Hang in there.

  2. Hey you! I'm doing really well today - mainly because we got some fantastic news on Friday (has to do with Pablo getting disability $). Was going to announce it once we get the official letter. It's such a HUGE weight lifted off our shoulders.

    Tonight we went to my parents for a family dinner and on the way we stopped at a drugstore where we noticed that Isabella had a weird rash under her eye. We got to my parents and my mom noticed her rash and then checked her out under her clothes and she had some random red spots. We left in a hurry in case it is chicken pox - the baby was there. Chicken pox was going around Isabella's class. We went back to the drugstore and the pharmacist said it didn't look like chicken pox and then I realized that I dressed Isabella in an outfit that my parents brought back from Mexico that I didn't wash yet. So maybe she has a rash from the clothes?!?!?!

    I'm pretty pissed - we're supposed to get 10 cm of snow tomorrow morning. Just when grass was starting to show and we finally got all the ice off our driveway...

    I hope this answers your question.... LOL!!!

  3. Oh, I'm so glad to hear about the disability payments!!! That's such wonderful news and it must be such a relief. Yay to good news!!!!

    I had no idea the chemicals they used on fabric before I started sewing. I used to just wear my clothes (and still do sometimes) but since Gabe had eczema as a baby, I'm more careful with his stuff. I'll bet a bath, some lotion and she'll be fine tomorrow. Cross my fingers!

    Snow tomorrow???? It's 45 here today and it was almost 70 on Thursday. Supposed to be almost 60 tomorrow. It's still grey but I'll definitely take it.

    I'm so happy to hear some good news! You guys deserve it!

  4. Simon has some eczema - he's had such dry skin since he was born. I usually try to remember to wash the kids' new clothes before they wear them but sometimes I forget. Anyway, Isabella doesn't have chicken pox. Her rash/spots never got any worse, thank goodness!

    Almost 70! Holy crap. We got the 10 cm of snow and it made me want to cry...

  5. It might snow tonight! It's INSANE!

    I'm so glad it's not chicken pox! Or as we called them in my house growing up--picky pox.

  6. Snow melts, snow comes down in a blizzard, snow melts again...mother nature is DRIVING ME INSANE. I feel your pain Collette. And I am so happy that the picky pox did not invade our home. I don't need anymore medical crap right now. :)



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