Too much Dora?!?!?

This morning, Pablo asked Simon if he wanted to go for a walk and Simon replied "Si".

(Pablo asked him again just to be sure he heard him correctly and got the same response).

Dora, as annoying as you are, you are able to make my son talk more than we are, therefore I have to love ya!


  1. Isn't that crazy? I say 'deliciouso' all the time and Gabe said it yesterday about some berries.

  2. That is too funny! I have a friends who's 3 yr old if asked her numbers will recite them in english but if you ask her to count to 10 she can only do it in spanish- i guess we should be happy they are learning

  3. Funny you mention counting in spanish because while all four of us were at the doctor's this aft, Isabella was counting the empty chairs in the waiting room in spanish, english and french. Italian was next but then Pablo's name got called...

  4. i have stumbled across your blog..from somewhere...?? anyway I had to comment on this! My youngest daughter was very slow to talk, when she did talk she used a combination of hard to understand spanish and english mixed together!
    Funny days!

  5. That's why I could never hate Dora - she helped both my kids learn to talk...even if it was in Spanish. LOL!



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