Addition to Simon's room and kid photos

I was browsing through the vintage section of etsy a few weeks ago and came across a plastic vintage 'S' that I thought would totally suit Simon's room. I just had to buy it. It was only $24 before shipping and a decent size (16 1/2" x 9 1/4"). I got it at this etsy store. I put it up on the wall over his antique dresser and moved the paint by numbers that were over the dresser to the opposite wall with the rest of his paint by numbers:

the rest of Simon's room is here

Here are some photos I took of the kids at my parents' place a few weekends ago. Simon's hair is growing out and is fun to spike up with some gel. Isabella likes to tilt her head when she gets her picture taken (?)....


  1. His bedroom is AMAZING! It's like my son's room, but better! haha, you executed the vision better than i did! and that clock, come on!
    beautiful! the kids, i mean :)


  2. Thanks Renee! I spend way too much time thinking about decorating our house. It's a disease I think. LOL!

  3. That "S" is great! I love the tilted head photos. My favorite Simon one is the "What?" photo. You can totally tell that's what he's thinking.



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